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About Robert Boscacci

I’m a data engineer (and lately, author) who used to work in cinema production and post-production.

Paperbacks and eBook copies of my nonfiction book about computer vision and society, The Spring of Sight are available now!

As the data science lead at Butter Works, I used computer vision and NLP to supercharge social video campaigns for clients at Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, and ViacomCBS.

My book project is wrapping up, so I’m looking for my next great technical team or project! Check out my LinkedIn to see if I might make a good fit for your organization.

Mind Map

Here’s a little map of my brain, including skills, interests, and values.


Cinema Career

I am credited as a colorist and dailies technician on major motion pictures and episodics featuring Pedro Pascal, Spike Lee, Paul Giamatti, Errol Morris, and more.

My 10+ year career in film and TV production brought me to:

  • Bogotá
  • Myanmar
  • Alaska
  • Alcatraz
  • Hawaii
  • The U.S.-Mexico border

About This Site


Email me:[at]gmail[dot]com

Robert Boscacci
Robert Boscacci
Cinema technician who learned to code