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0: SDLC Overview

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“Software Development Lifecycle”

What does CI/CD Solve?

  • Awkward waterfall-style project flow:
    • Slow
    • Not iterative
    • Long release cycles

How do we merge dev and ops goals?

  • Dev and Ops are not traditionally aligned

    • Dev wants changes, features, more
    • Ops wants stable/available systems
  • Deliver features, fixes, and updates frequently - but automate QA!

What are Continuous Delivery vs. C. Deployment?

Delivery: Automate everything up until before deployment; deploy manually

Deployment: Confidently deploy to prod automatically after it passes QA.

What are the AWS Dev Tools?

  • Code commit: Like GitHub
  • CodeBuild: Self-explanatory
  • CodeDeploy: Self-explanatory