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0: Overview

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What is it?

  • Automates application deployments to various servers:
    • Ec2 instances
    • On-prem instances
    • Lambda functions
    • ECS services

What can you deploy?

  • Code:
    • Java, C#, Lambda Funcs
    • Web and config files
    • Execs, pkgs, scripts
  • Also multimedia files

Where do deployables come from?

  • GitHub / BitBucket
  • S3
  • CodeCommit via S3

Where can we deploy to?

  • Ec2 Placement Group
  • Single ec2 instance
  • Auto-scaling group
  • Potentially cross-region

How to get set up?

  • Have IAM user with CodeDeploy access (so you can use the service)
  • Create IAM instance profile (so ec2 can fetch artifacts from S3)
  • Create IAM service role(s) (so CodeDeploy can work with other AWS services like KMS)
    • Separate roles for lambda, ecs, ec2