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2: App, Groups, Configs

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What is a CodeDeploy “application”?

  • A name identifier used reference your deployment settings.

“Deployment Group”?

  • Instance(s) where you want to target and deploy your code.
    • This could be even just one instance..!
    • Instance must have CodeDeploy agent installed in User Data

“Deployment Configuration”?

  • Set of rules and success/fail conditions used during deploy
  • May vary depending on deployment medium (e.g. on-prem vs. lambda)
  • Might specify e.g. # of instances that must remain avail during deploy
    • “Minimum healthy host” value (can be %)

What’s the order of ops for deploy?

  1. Create the “application”
  2. Specify deployment group
  3. Specify deploy config
    • With “Min healthy hosts”
  4. Upload our “revision” (the pkg to deploy)
  5. Deploy
  6. Check results
  7. Redeploy as needed

What are the Default Deployment Options?

  • One at a time
  • All at once
  • Half at once

More details on deploy configs can be found here.