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0: CodePipeline Overview

·1 min

What is it?

  • CD (continuous delivery) service to:
    • model
    • visualize
    • automate

…steps to ship code.

  • Typical flow:

    • Source (GitHub, codeCommit)
    • Build (optional; compile, etc.)
    • Staging: Deploy, test, jenkins
    • Production: Deploy to public servers
  • We can add in manual approvals

  • Quickly model/configure stages

  • Build, test, deploy all in one

Setup / Config:

  • AWS CLI must be installed to compute
  • IAM user setup
    • Must have some IAM policy / role
  • Need codePipeline agent installed and running

Can SNS get involved?

  • Yes. Approval actions, triggers

Lambda with CodePipeline?

  • Yes.


  • Yes, can also be used with Pipeline

Can GitHub or Jenkins be in a pipeline?

  • Yes, sometimes you need an adapter