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1: More on CodePipeline

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What can we do with pipeline once it’s created?

  • View it and its log files
  • Edit; add stages, toggle transitions
  • Retry the pipeline
  • Delete it

Can CodeBuild be used for both build and test?

  • Yes! The entire build/test process can be automated in codepipeline.

Why “disable transition” between stages?

  • Good for debugging certain segments of the pipeline
  • E.g. test the build without hitting deployment

Why use jenkins?

  • Well suited for DevOps / agile methodologies that use quick iteration cycles

Do we always want to automate the whole way to prod?

  • No
  • Sometimes we set up manual approval actions (e.g. to deploy)

Why have approval actions?

  • Code review
  • QA / testing
  • Review new / updated text before publishing

Where can we add approval action steps?

  • Within existing stages, or:
  • Between stages, in a new stage

How can we limit who is able to approve stuff?

  • There’s a managed IAM policy called “AWSCodePipelineApproverAccess”


  • Remember to re-enable transitions after disabling
  • No need for “key pair” on ec2; it’s managed by pipeline