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1: SDLC Automation Scenarios

·1 min

How to approach scenario questions:

  • Maybe just mark them to figure out later
  • Try to visualize
  • Perhaps sketch on pad

Which tools to manage access to CodeCommit repos?

  • IAM policies, groups

How to grant devs full access to CodeCommit without create/delete?

  • “AWS CodeCommit Power User” policy

Where do we store CodeBuild artifacts?

  • S3 bucket

How do we prepare that storage location?

  • Turn on versioning.
  • Turn on encryption.

How do we make codebuild run after a code commit?

  • EventBridge event to monitor codeCommit

How can we implement code reviews and QA tests in automation pipeline?

  • Add manual approval steps in the CodePipeline
  • Give specific IAM groups the policy to approve pipeline steps