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7: Supporting Services

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AWS App Runner

  • Fully managed container app service
  • Build/run/deploy containerized apps/APIs — without learning containers
  • Sort of like Fargate*
    • Except you specify how many concurrent requests each app container instance to field
    • Fargate leaves concurrency / scaling up to you
    • (Fargate is easier to config but less customizable than K8s)

AWS CloudShell

  • Browser-based, pre-authenticated shell
  • Launch from AWS console
  • Run various shells:
    • Bash
    • Powershell
    • zshell
  • Run CLI commands quickly without an instance.

AWS CodeStar

  • Development service
  • Use project templates to make apps
  • Works with ec2, lambda, beanstalk
  • Connects codecommit, pipeline, deploy w/ templates
  • It’s like an overlay or dashboard over the SDLC tools

How is Cloudshell pre-authenticated?

  • You launch it from the console, where you’re already logged in

Fargate, K8s, app runner: Order of complexity?

  1. K8s most complex
  2. Fargate middle
  3. App runner simplest