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1: Beanstalk Deployment Strats

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What Environment Types Exist?

  • Single instance
    • Load balancer
    • Has an elastic IP
    • Still an auto-scaling group, just has one server
  • High-availability
    • Load balancer
    • ASG
    • Group of instances

Deployment types?

All at once

  • “In-place” deployment
  • Fast swap
  • No DNS changes
  • Potentially catastrophic if problems


  • Guarantee always 1 instance up at a time
  • Instances detach / re-attach to load balancer (ELB)
  • If it fails, it can get complicated

Rolling w/ addl batches:

  • Introduce new instances before decommissioning olds
  • Prevents downtime
  • Requires some more overhead, time
  • If failure: Original ASG is still chillin


  1. Completely new instances (prevent downtime)
  2. Register new ones on ELB, do health checks
  3. Kill old instances


  1. Create entirely new environment (incl. ELB)
  2. Swap route53 URLs; use DNS to redirect traffic.
  • Requires more resources
  • No downtime
  • Test resources in isolation
  • DNS changes could be weird


  • Much like blue/green—but split traffic bit by bit (via DNS)