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0: Lambda Overview

What’s Lambda?

  • A compute service: Run code without provisioning servers
  • Absolutely no touching server config
  • Only charged when code is running
  • It’s stateless and event-driven
  • It can do anything that we can program.

How’s it work?

  1. Receives some event trigger, perhaps from:
    • S3
    • DynamoDB
    • API Gateway
    • SES
    • Eventbridge
  2. Run some code
  3. Log the run

Lambda Requirements?

  • Function code
  • Memory size spec
  • Execution timeout (15m max)
  • IAM (execution) role
  • Event source mapping

Lambda funcs can be chained together

What if you are dealing with longer time periods?

  • Consider “step functions”
  • Run multiple lambdas in parallel, potentially
Robert Boscacci
Robert Boscacci
Cinema technician who learned to code