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2: Fargate Overview

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What’s Fargate?

  • Deals with containers
  • Serverless
  • Fronted by an application load balancer
  • Operated via ECS
  • Like ec2 but you get a container rather than a server

Why use it?

  • Don’t want to manage servers
  • Great for on-prem to cloud migration
  • Microservice architectures
  • Batch processing / ML

How’s it different from beanstalk?

  • Strictly focused on containers

How do you use it?

  • Build container image
  • Specify CPU and memory req’s
  • Define networking / IAM policies
  • Launch

What’s a fargate task?

  • One or more docker containers deployed with certain settings
  • Task definition .json document


  • You can add cloudwatch logging
  • You can have Fargate clusters in public or private subnets
  • Public load balancers accept web traffic and routes it to container
    • Thru ENI
  • Private load balancer would only accept traffic from within the cluster