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5: Conversations around Configs / iac

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How can we combine CloudFormation and Beanstalk?

  • CF has a beanstalk resource type.
  • Slam beanstalk into your CF templates

How do we prevent RDS data loss when beanstalk deleted?

  • Decouple RDS instances from beanstalk app; launch separately
  • Mod inbound rules to allow access from beanstalk to RDS

Can we use CDK instead of CF?

  • Sure, it’s more concise if you prefer Python / TypeScript etc
  • It still resolves to CF under the hood

Which deployment targets can we use with CodeDeploy?

  • ec2
  • on-prem
  • lambda
  • ecs

How do we avoid reinventing the wheel in the CDK?

  • Use AWS Construct Library

Can you do serverless stuff in the CDK?

  • Yes, or use SAM, it’s a similar vibe

In ASG: How to make sure old instances aren’t terminated until new instances are up and running?

  • Set AutoScalingReplacingUpdate: WillReplace = true