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0: EventBridge / CloudWatch

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What is it?

  • A serverless event bus — create custom buses
  • Formerly CloudWatch Events -> now EventBridge
  • Additional functionality, backwards compatible with old events

How’s it work?

  1. EventBridge receives events.
  2. If an event is tied to a rule,
  3. Then perform some kind of action…
  4. …on some target (e.g. codePipeline)

Can I make cloudwatch alarms in Ec2?

  • Yes
  • E.g. if CPU is under 10% utilization for 10m, stop instance

What triggers our auto-scaling policies?

  • CloudWatch Alarms.
  • Scale on CPU or custom metrics like memory utilization
  • E.g. if CPU utilization exceeds 80%, scale up

What are some Ec2 metrics to evaluate for scaling?

  • CPUUtilization
  • DiskReadOps
  • DiskWriteOps
  • NOT Memory usage