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1: CloudWatch Logs / Metrics

·2 mins

What are Metrics

  • They can be customized to suit our needs
  • e.g. memory utilization
  • Metric filters: Define which metrics to extract and pub to cloudWatch

What’s a “namespace”?

  • Used to isolate diff apps and metrics
  • Naming convention for namespaces:
    • EBS - AWS/EBS
    • ELB - AWS/ELB
    • EC2 - AWS/EC2

Key elements for filtering metrics?

  1. Filter pattern
  2. Metric name
  3. Namespace
  4. Metric value
  • e.g. counting 404 errors = value of 1 for each error

What are logs?

  • Log events: The activity being reported
  • Log streams: A source of log events from the same source
  • Log group: Log events with the same properties, policies, access controls
  • E.g. logfiles on ec2 from log agent

Are cloudWatch logs automatically encrypted at rest?

  • Yes!

What about log group data? Encrypted?

  • Yes!

Does CloudWatch Logs manage server-side encryption keys?

  • Yes!

What if you need to manage the encryption keys manually?

  • Use “customer master keys” in KMS

What’s the “Log Agent”?

  • Agent we can install on ec2 to auto-pub log events to cloudWatch
  • Can be on beanstalk, CF, OpsWorks ec2 instances
  • Installed via AWS API, CLI, or SDK’s (e.g. boto3)
  • Monitors a log file, sends it out

Do cloudwatch metrics go cross-region?

  • No.

How long before CloudWatch metrics expire?

  • 15 months, if no new data is published to a metric

What are cloudWatch “periods”?

  • Control what’s aggregated in stats
  • Can be used for alarms

What are CloudWatch “dimensions”?

  • Name/value pair uniquely identifying a metric
  • e.g.:
    • ec2 InstanceId
    • ec2 InstanceType
    • ec2 AutoScalingGroupName
    • ELB AvailabilityZone
    • ELB loadBalancerName

Diff between metrics and logs?

  • E.g. in a load balancer:
    • Metrics: Time-series data points about the elb stats; regular intervals
    • Logs: Info regarding requests to the load balancer; event-specific