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4: Kinesis

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What is it?

  • Real-time (streaming) data collection, processing, analysis
  • React quickly to new information

How many varieties of Kinesis exist?

  • Four:
    • Video streams
    • Data firehose
    • Data streams
    • Data analytics

Kinesis Flavors:

Video Streams

  • Stream video: Real-time viewing and video-enabled app
  • E.g. smarthome stuff, computer vision, security
  • Could be streamed to Rekognition, for example
  • Encrypt, index streams of video

Data Firehose

  • Dump streaming data into data lakes, warehouses
  • Streaming machine learning applications
  • Deliver real-time streaming data to s3, redshift, OpenSearch…
  • IoT Devices?

Data Streams

  • Ordering of records; streaming and manipulation of data
  • Scalable, durable
  • Can handle gigabytes per second
  • E.g. click streams from websites, transactions
  • Collect streaming data / big data for OLAP

Data Analytics

  • Analyze streaming data for actionable insights
  • Log analytics with SQL
  • Receive from Data Streams ^