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6: AWS X-Ray Concepts

·1 min

What is it?

  • Useful in microservices environment
  • Good for troubleshooting, performance tuning
  • X-ray daemon sits on servers and monitors requests
  • X-ray gives a GUI node graph view of request flows
  • Detailed info about requests/responses, calls to downstream resources

Study Notes:

  • X-ray analyzes and debug distributed apps / microservices
  • “End to end” is a keyword
  • Find issues + optimize

What’s an x-ray “trace”?

  • A set of datapoints sharing a trace ID

What’s an x-ray “segment”?

  • Holds data for a single component of an app

Color Coding

  • Green: Success
  • Red: Server faults
  • Yellow: Client errors
  • Purple: Throttling errors