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9: Monitoring / Logging: Supporting Services

1. AWS Compute Optimizer

What is it?

  • Uses ML to examine workloads
  • Recommends optimizations
  • Over/under provisioned?

Services compute optimizer analyzes:

  • Ec2
  • EBS volumes
  • ECS services on fargate
  • Lambdas

2. AWS License Manager

What is it?

  • Define rules for licensed software
  • Attach licensing rules on launch
  • Search inventory & track licenses
  • Use alerts to manage licenses across accounts and on-prem

3. Amazon Managed Prometheus (AMP) / Grafana

What’s AMP?

  • Prometheus-compatible service
  • Event monitoring and alerting on containerized apps
  • Infrastructure at scale
  • HTTP pool model

What’s Grafana?

  • Managed service
  • Query, viz, alert on metrics, logs, traces


  1. Create AMP workspace
  2. Run prometheus server to export app metrics to AMP
  3. Config a grafana server on a remote desktop to query AMP workspace

4. Amazon AppFlow

  • Automate bi-directional data flows
  • Go between SaaS apps and AWS services. E.g.:
    • SalesForce
    • SAP
    • Google Analytics
  • Drop it into S3 / redshift with transforms / validations
  • Auto-scaling
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