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6: Systems Manager / OpsCenter

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What’s OpsCenter?

  • A central spot to manage operational “work item”
    • Issue / interruption that needs investigation / fix
    • Aka “OpsItem”
  • (A capability of SystemsManager)
  • Helpful to reduce mean TTR

Automatically Create OpsItems in OpsCenter.

What’s it integrate with?

  • CloudWatch Alarms
  • EventBridge Events

The sort of stuff it listens for:

From CloudWatch Alarms:

  • DB r/w reaches some threshold
  • CPU Utilization reaches some threshold
  • Billing / charges reach some thresh
  • Ec2 instance fails a status check
  • EBS disk space running low

From EventBridge:

  • Security Hub: Alert issued
  • DB: Throttling event
  • ASG: Failure to launch instance
  • Systems Mgr: Failure to run
  • AWS Health: Alert for regular maintenance
  • EC2: Instance state change