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Any other notes?

Walling on Customer Support

  • Support is Brutal
    • If you’ve built your software right the majority of the issues will not be problems with your product, but degraded OS installations, crazy configurations, a customer who doesn’t know how to double-click, etc
    • The support burden actually worsens with time because your customer base grows
  • Anything is much easier the second time. And the third
  • Answers need to stem from your long-term desires for your startup and yourself

Walling on Writing Stuff Down

  • Writing down important ideas is critical to building a list of ways to improve your business. With a notebook in hand, you’ll find yourself having amazing insights while in line at the post office
    • Capture keyword ideas, product ideas, niche ideas, to-do’s,
  • Documenting repeatable processes for anything you will do more than once is essential to your sanity
  • Without process it’s impossible to delegate, difficult to bring on a business partner, and easy to make mistakes
  • With processes in place it’s much easier to sell your product if/ when you want to make an exit
  • Creating processes will bring you freedom through the ability to easily automate and outsource tasks
  • Nearly everything about a startup requires ongoing effort. You have to invest time every month into marketing, development, support, SEO, AdWords, and every other aspect of your business