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Starting With Why

·2 mins

If you plan to walk a long road, it’s best to start with why.

Why I’m Aiming for $500 MRR by 2025

Why have I set this arbitrary dollar goal for an arbitrary date?

Mostly for the allure of time freedom. Financial freedom sounds great too.

  • $500 MRR doesn’t sound like much, but it’s infinitely more than zero. Hard, reusable lessons will be learned along the way.
  • Corporate America isn’t kind to new parents. We plan to have children around 2027. I plan to make myself available.
  • We want to own a home someday, but also want to stay connected to NYC. This will require capital that I don’t have.
  • Pouring my daily energy into my venture will be more fulfilling than maximizing shareholder value for another BigCorp.

Micro SaaS Update

Top Lessons Learned

  • The #1 cause of death for any startup is: Nobody wants the product
  • If you want to sell software online, start by finding a market
  • A market is: A group of people that you can reach who will pay for things

Accomplished This Week

  • Aggressively highlight the startup how-to book Start Small Stay Small​
  • Explore various SEM tools like SEMRush, Keywords Everywhere
  • Start learning Google Ads. Try sending traffic to my book sales page​
  • Write down my motivations for starting a startup

To Do Next Week

  • Spreadsheet full of niche ideas. Use intuition + keyword research
  • Finish reading Start Small Stay Small and publish my notes
  • Practice with SEM tools like Keywords Everywhere and Google Ads

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